Surveil API

The Surveil API provides Surveil’s REST API.

package name (RPM) surveil
services surveil-api.service
Default port 5311
configuration (API) /etc/surveil/surveil.cfg
configuration (permissions) /etc/surveil/policy.json
configuration (API - pipeline) /etc/surveil/api_paste.ini

The Surveil API needs access to InfluxDB, Alignak and MongoDB. If Keystone authentication is enabled, it needs access to Keystone (see api_paste.ini).

Configuration samples



# mongodb_uri is used to connect to MongoDB. Uses the MongoDB Connection
# String URI Format
mongodb_uri= mongodb://mongo:27017

# ws_arbiter_url is the endpoing of the ws-arbiter module of Alignak it is
# used to send commands to Alignak
ws_arbiter_url= http://alignak:7760

# influxdb_uri is used to connect to InfluxDB. Uses the python-influxdb
# connection string format
influxdb_uri= influxdb://root:root@influxdb:8086/db


For documentation on this configuration file, refer to the OpenStack documentation.

    "admin_required": "role:admin or is_admin:1",
    "surveil_required": "role:surveil or rule:admin_required",

    "surveil:admin": "rule:admin_required",
    "surveil:authenticated": "rule:surveil_required",

    "surveil:break": "!",
    "surveil:pass": "@"


# Surveil API WSGI Pipeline
# Define the filters that make up the pipeline for processing WSGI requests

# Replace `surveil-auth` by `authtoken` to enable Keystone authentication.
pipeline = surveil-auth api-server

paste.app_factory =

paste.filter_factory = surveil.api.authmiddleware.auth:filter_factory

paste.filter_factory = keystonemiddleware.auth_token:filter_factory

# Keystone auth settings